5. Bonus: the STAR-LP method

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Okay, sure, we agree: STAR-LP sounds more like the name of a space aircraft than a method of thinking. But this fancy acronym will help you take an evidence-based approach to analysing your own actions and behaviours, making it super useful for reflecting on your employable skills.

The STAR-LP method will help you ask the right questions and document evidence of your learning and skills so you can draw on these experiences in a cover letter, job interview or job performance review.

Now pay attention, because we’re going to ask you to put STAR-LP to use in an exercise after this. 

STAR-LP stands for:


  • Outline the task or your experience and any context. Keep it brief.


  • What task were you required to undertake or engage in?


  • What did you do? (write this part using first person, “I” perspective)

Result or Review

  • What action resulted from your choices? (Remember, sometimes negative examples can show how you learnt and developed skills)
  • Review your performance by personally evaluating your success


  • Did you learn anything? (Yes!)
  • What did you learn?


  • How might you use this learning experience in future?
  • What would you do differently in future? 
  • Do you plan to follow up on anything?
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