3. The age of video conferencing

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The global pandemic forced millions of people to start working from home. This new remotely located workforce needed new ways to communicate and keep business moving.

Enter... the video call. Of course, video calls and video conferencing apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have their own rules and workplace etiquette to follow. 

#1 Show up on time.

There are few excuses to be late for a video call, especially if you only had to commute across the hallway. Be on time.

#2 Mute yourself when not speaking

No one wants to hear the dog barking, your pen tapping or you coughing, so switch yourself to mute. Drop your questions in the chat bar and learn the keyboard shortcut to unmute yourself so you can quickly join in conversations to add your two cents or laugh at a joke.

#3 Check your tech

If you’re using a new platform or have new bluetooth headphones to connect, check that your technology is working ahead of time. Oh, and make sure the wifi connection is strong.

#4 Dress the part

Working from home you want to be comfortable, but it’s still work. While you don’t need to wear a full suit or put on makeup, it’s essential you look presentable. Brush your hair, wear a shirt

#5 Think about your camera and lights

When you turn the camera on, what’s behind you? Is it your messy unmade bed, a tidy bookshelf or a blank wall? Think about what people will see and don’t sit in the dark.

#6 Pay attention

Video calls can definitely feel less engaging than if you were sitting in a room with the person, but do pay attention. Look into the camera, ask questions with the chat function or be ready with your keyboard shortcut to unmute your microphone.

Resist the temptation to check emails or work on your project. Research suggests just 3 percent of people can effectively multitask. Chances are, it’s not you.

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