5. Instant messaging

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Many workplaces use business communication platforms like Slack to communicate via instant messaging. These platforms come with their own set of rules, and it’s not like messaging friends through Messenger or text.

  • Use the appropriate channel. Apps like Slack allow you to divide your communications under different topics, groups or ‘channels’. For example, product or marketing channels. Use the right channel for your message, to prevent conversations from getting off-track.That (sadly) means no photos of your new puppy in the marketing channel.
  • Avoid sending consecutive messages. For example, if you start with ‘hey!’ or ‘hello’, make it part of a single direct message, so that you’re not bombing people with notifications. 
  • On the other hand, don’t write an essay. Keep it short and to the point! This is instant messaging, not email. 
  • Reflect before you send. Resist the urge to send messages in the heat of the moment. The risk of instant regret is real. 
  • Update your status. Let people know if you’re in a meeting, off work, not available to chat, or working remotely. 

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