2. Communication across teams

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Let’s just put it out there – no workplace is perfect. But it is super important that information passes between teams in time.

Often a workplace will be made up of teams: the marketing team, the finance and operations team, the customer service team, and so on. Within these teams the communication is usually great. But between these teams the communication often breaks down and you end up with what’s known as a communication silo. This can mean projects running behind, misinformed marketing campaigns, product not shipping on time. 

Operating in silos is bad for the workplace culture, for productivity and for meeting company-wide goals, and it is up to everyone to work together efficiently.

You can play a part in breaking down silos. The CUT acronym is a good one to remember. 

  • Communication: are you informing the right people? Have you included everyone who should be involved in this piece of work, subject or project?
  • Understanding: do you know the timelines of the different departments to keep things moving? 
  • Teamwork: how can you better work together to move things forward?

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