2. Identify your strengths and value

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There are three practical ways that you can identify your strengths and value.

Tip 1: Define your value - what can you do that sets you apart from others? How are YOU best able to meet the customer, client or workplace’s needs? 

Tip 2: Don’t use diminishing language - don’t say I ‘just’ do this, or if you can ‘just’ fill out this form. Avoid adding questions at the end of your statements like you’re asking for reassurance - that makes you seem unsure about what you’re saying, don’t you think?

Tip 3: Keep a running note of your work-related achievements. This can be in a journal, Word document, or on your phone. Create an email folder to store any nice messages you receive. Often, you’ll forget details about the wins you had and the challenges you overcame at work. Having them written down means you can refer back to specifics when you’re practicing for your next job interview or writing a cover letter. 

Watch the talk by Casey Brown below, about knowing your worth and asking for it.

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