3. Creativity in teams

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Workplace creativity is all about collaborative teamwork. Big projects require many minds working together to produce the best result. You will have to learn to stand up for your ideas in a group setting, listen to others', and workshop constructively.

Here are 7 key steps to creative collaboration...


One example of collaborative teamwork in action is an ideation session. Let's consider this as a case study.

What is an ideation session?

An ideation session is basically a team brainstorming session, where everyone is empowered to throw out any and all ideas they have, without censoring yourself or judging the merit of those ideas whatsoever. It's basically throwing ideas at a wall and seeing what sticks, because in the middle of all the crazy, haphazard ideas, there may just be a gem you wouldn't have uncovered otherwise.

The key to a creative ideation session is: no judgement and no-naysayers.

No matter how silly an idea might sound, this is no place for criticism. When people feel safe to express their imaginations, the best ideas come out - but this depends on trust and encouragement between team members.


There's no innovation without risk-taking, and no risk-taking without trust, so next time a team member - even in your school project or sports team - suggests an idea, carefully consider it without shooting it down.


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