1. Strategic planning and project management

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Abraham Lincoln was once quoted as saying, ‘Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, I will spend the first 4 to sharpen my This is the importance of investing time in the planning stage, so you can save time later. 

Instead of shooting in the dark, or getting stuck and not knowing where to go next, strategic planning provides a long-term roadmap to follow that will help you produce quality work and hit major milestones.




A strategic plan doesn't just need to be for your work or study goals.


It's useful no matter whether you're planning a trip overseas or figuring out how to split chores, working out how you're going to save up for a new phone or how to surprise a friend with a birthday party.

At its core, a strategic plan is just about making sure that your daily interactions and tasks are always grounded in and working towards achieving some bigger goal, dream, or aspiration, whether that's getting into the degree of your choice or saving up for a car.


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