3. Managing a project

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Project management is where your organisation skills take the lead and you enter the delivery phase of your strategic plan. It's a career path in and of itself, and we could spend hours on just this one topic. For now, here's an introduction to get you started.




Principles of project management:


  1. Keep your eye on the prize. Never lose sight of the ultimate goal or vision.
  2. Continuously revise and optimise; see what isn't working, and adjust the course if need be.
  3. Invite alternative perspectives from team members.
  4. Learn to delegate (many hands make light work!).
  5. Monitor each stage of the project closely, because every little bit counts and adds up to the final product.
  6. Keep an eye on quality: it can be tempting to sacrifice quality to meet time and resource constraints, but in the end, if you don't produce quality work, the project won't count as a success.
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