4. The value of accountability

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Have you ever had to do a group presentation, where you stood up in front of the class and reported on your share of the project? There's so much pressure to not let your team down by underdelivering on your share of the work. This makes you work double-time ahead of the presentation to be prepared.

We often think about planning and organisation as skills that are practiced solely by us as individuals. But in reality, there is a teamwork dimension to planning skills – especially strategic planning, which is deeply collaborative and often draws on the skills of a whole group of people.

Involving others in your planning process can be incredibly powerful. When we have outside forces such as friends or coworkers keeping us accountable, it helps us stick to deadlines and goals. Sometimes, peer pressure can be a good thing.


So, next time when you have a big task, goal or project ahead of you, consider sending progress reports to an accountability partner or making a public commitment via social media.


Using such accountability techniques is proven to increase rates of accomplishment. In the process of doing so, discuss the rewards of sticking to your strategic plan with your accountability partner or in your commitment, as well as the consequences of not doing so.

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