Grandshake Career Class

Career education classes are a great way to integrate Grandshake’s Upskilling microprograms. Your student will start developing the essential skills the industry needs - regardless of their career or pathways choices. Our Upskilling Microprograms are 40 minutes long and self-paced, so there’s no need to develop a lesson plan—it’s a turnkey solution to your career education and guidance. Refer to them as students Upskilling Class from now on!

Due to high demand, only 6x spots are available per term per school account.

Plan Ahead: Determine the Upskilling program you wish to share with your students and the career or pastoral class/session that best fits the content. Secure your spot via the schedule link in your Grandshake profile. Once booked, we will send a calendar invite, so it’s locked in your diary.

On the Day: On the Upskilling Class day, ensure your students have access to individual devices with headphones. Ask them to create a Grandshake account if they haven’t already. Enrol students into your chosen Upskilling Microprogram. For the next 40 minutes, simply monitor and support them as they acquire essential industry skills of the future.

Reap the rewards: After the session, you will receive an email detailing the outcomes of the Upskilling Class; including skills earned, digital badges collected and relevant student interest and feedback. You can share the data with your leadership team and community. At the end of 12 months, students will have 12 digital badges.
Grandshake class
Lock-in 3 spots per term

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Fundamentals of Communication
Building Your Work Ethic
The Art of Creative Thinking
Need more spots? Email us at hello@grandshake.co