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How to Build a Strong Work Ethic

Be a team player that others can rely on, and learn to communicate your needs in both a professional and personal capacity 👯‍♂️

Problem Solving Boot Camp

It’s time to seize back control of your future career and life goals. Conquer problems big and small by shifting your perspective and identifying practical solutions with confidence. This short 40-minute upskilling microprogram will equip you with the problem solving skills to jumpstart your success in any workplace.

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10 essential soft skills you will need for the future of work

Let’s look at the top soft skills employers of the future of work are looking for, no matter your career path or job.


QUIZ: What should I do after high school?

Take our career pathway quiz to help find career clarity and start thinking about your future after high school 💡

Career guidance

5 reasons to join one of our Upskilling Micros

#newsflash our all-new Upskilling Micros will teach you the soft skills employers want!


How to craft the perfect resume (with no experience) in 2021

If you’re in high school or university and are seeking a job it’s easy to start building real work experience and relevant skills into your resume before you ever step foot into a workplace.

Career guidance

Here’s why I wish I did work experience when I was in high school

We asked one of our amazing mentors and a Grandshake team member why they wish they had the opportunity to do work experience while in high school and how it might have shaped their career 👩 💻

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How to make the most of your school holidays

From relaxing or hanging out with friends, to dreaming of your future and taking small steps towards your goals, here’s the best things you can do this school holidays.


5 alternative pathways after high school

University isn’t for everyone and there are plenty of alternative pathways to explore after high school.

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Exams coming up? Here's 6 ideas to help manage your stress

Here are six ways to feel in control and manage your level of stress before exam time 📖


Should I find a career mentor? (yes, and here’s why)

But what does it actually mean to have a mentor? What role do they play in your life and how do you use their knowledge to advance yourself?

Career guidance

How to find your passion (and choose a career to match)

If you’re feeling a little unsure about what field to enter or study for after high school, here are some ideas and exercises to help you find a satisfying future career.

Career guidance

QUIZ: What type of engineer should you be?

To help you decide whether you want to pursue becoming a digital engineer, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, chemical engineer or environmental engineer we’ve created this fun quiz. It should take you less than five minutes to answer the questions and discover what type of engineer you should become.


10 things they should teach you at school (but don’t)

Sure, you probably learnt pythagorean theorem, but did you learn how to file taxes? Here are a few of the life lessons you’ll likely be forced to learn as an adult, so why not get ahead of the game now and level up.


How to choose your subjects for Year 11 and 12

Maybe you’re lucky and know exactly what you want to do after high school. But it’s more likely that you’re not sure yet. Here’s some ideas, tips and thinking points to help you decide which subjects to select for Year 11 and Year 12.


Worried about your future? Here’s 6 steps to find career clarity

These days endless career options make it even harder to answer the question: how do I choose a career path after high school? Here’s six steps to take you from “no idea” to career clarity.


Grandshake and Inland Rail Skills Academy helping students prepare for the real world

ARTC Inland Rail Director Rebecca Pickering said the Grand Opportunities program aims to bridge the gap between education and the real...


Unfiltered with Clare Morgans

Nerd, food lover, CrossFit addict. Clare Morgans, our Strategic Partnerships Manager, is the kind of person who grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons but loves nothing more than sweating off a stressful day with the kind of training session that “Breaks. You. Down.” 


Is regional Australia ready for its digital boom?

In the regions, new infrastructure and new ways of thinking are driving digital opportunities in fields such as robotics, smart farming and research...


How to become a mentor in any industry and why it matters

You’ve probably heard the old saying that the best way to learn is to teach. That goes for mentoring as well. You’ll be surprised how much you learn about yourself, your everyday habits...


Are virtual internships worth it for high school students?

We’re a little biased seeing as we run Australia's best virtual internship program, but we’re here to tell you they absolutely are. From real world experience through to giving you a leg up on your peers, here’s why...


Cool Summer Jobs for High School Students

From getting an early start on what you think your career might be to forging a brand new career path all of your own, here are some 😎 cool jobs to get you through the long, hot ⛱ summer.


University isn't the only path: here's how you can kick start your career without a degree

Choose a uni degree. Pick a trade. Sometimes it can feel like these are your only two options. Like the ridiculous variety of stuff you’ve learned in 12 years of school was designed to shove you down one of two career paths. To be frank, that’s basic.


Unfiltered with Rhea Mozo

Rhea's career has already taken her in so many different directions, which just goes to show the value of 21st-century experiences. Rhea talks about her journey and shares her advice for high school students.


What are the benefits of virtual work experience for schools?

Work experience is unlike almost any other part of a student’s schooling life. As an educator, it means entrusting private businesses with your students’ education and wellbeing.


Why is it important to build skills and capability in regional Australia

Now, more than ever, regional Australian businesses and industry need to support our school leavers by bridging the gap from school to working life.


Grandshake and Inland Rail partnership

Grand Opportunities, a regional skills initiative delivered in partnership with Inland Rail that gives secondary schools an opportunity to engage with major regional employers and provide their students with meaningful virtual work experiences.

Virtual work experience

What working from home means for students entering the workforce

Here’s what working from home means today for students and how we see it looking in the future.


Advice for school leavers: in a world of uncertainty, here's what to do in 2021

If you finished high school in 2020, you deserve a huge pat on the back. The last year of school is – of course – the hardest year. A global pandemic is the last thing anyone needs while juggling exams, working part-time and keeping up a social life.


Six cool jobs in STEM (and how to study for them)

Learn from real Aussies about the coolest jobs in STEM and how they got there and their advice for young people


Virtual work experience guide for parents

The real world is moving faster than any parent or teacher can keep up with and many of today’s teenagers will work jobs that probably haven’t been created yet.


Why work experience is vital for school and industry

When industry and education work together, not only does it give students the opportunity but it gives industry the ability to further develop talent


5 Tips to help schools grow industry partnership

Top tips on how you can reach out to industries efficiently and purposefully so you can start creating lasting partnerships


3 Tips to help employers write a job description for work experience

A quick guide to help you create a work experience opportunity and get students excited about the role you have for offer


Career’s counselling 101

How can careers counsellors provide advice on life after high school, help students make a decision about what to do when they leave school?


3 Tips to help employers adapt skills approach

A guide to help employers pick the skills you believe will best engage your work experience student. ‍


4 Tips to help students prepare a video CV for the first job

Let's spin up a 60-second video CV, you don’t have to hire a professional to help you create your video!


3 Do’s and Don’t at your first work experience placement

You might be wondering ‘how do I act?’, ‘what can I say?’ and ‘how can I make a good impression?’ Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our Do’s and Don’ts


5 Tips to help high school students find work experience

Here are five ways you can find out about opportunities whether it be work experience, VET courses, apprenticeships or job shadowing


6 Tips for high school students to top job interview

Whilst the nerves might never go away, it doesn’t mean you’re cursed with horrible job interviews the rest of your life. Here are six top tips on how you can ace an interview – whether it be for work experience, a part-time job or your dream career.


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