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Mechanical/Electrical Technician

Oversee and nurture Inland Rail’s larger-than-life projects as their latest Mechanical or Electrical Superstar! Within this role, you’ll develop a niche skillset within electrical engineering, mechanical technology and safety management. Potential career paths include Electrical/Mechanical Technician, Rail Maintainer, Safety Officer and Machine Fitter.

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Systems/Signals Operator

Have you ever wondered how traffic lights and rail tracks constantly run? You’ll finally be able to answer this mystery as you study the strategic science of transport signalling, control systems and communication technology. Potential career outcomes include Signalling Technician, Rail Engineer, Project Engineer and more!

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Construction/Civil Cadets

Feed your fascination for construction, civil engineering and infrastructure design and help bring sustainable projects to life at Inland Rail! Potential careers paths include Surveying, Civil Engineering, Construction and Geologist.

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Junior Environmental Planner

Master the science of land surveying as an Inland Rail planning pioneer. In this role, you will develop skills in geotechnology, cultural heritage preservation and environmental mapping using mathematics, specialised technology and virtual equipment. Potential career outcomes include Ecologist, Environmental Surveyor, Utility Locator, Project Manager and more!

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Post-school ready microprograms

What is your GRAND new superpower? Dive into our 20 minute self-paced virtual microprograms design to help you become a Grand human!

Social shapeshifting - The Communicator

Get your point across, every time, to anyone. Connect and resonate with others. Be a social glue and find common ground in a team. Do all that and more by mastering the art of social shapeshifting and developing your communication, interpersonal, and teamwork skills

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Mind elasticity - The Thinker

Let your imagination run wild. Put your thinking cap on. Don’t let even the tiniest detail escape your attention. With well-developed critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving you don’t have to worry about overstretching your brain.

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Force field generation - The Strategist

Think ahead. Take charge of your time. Always have a back-up plan. Like an invisible force field, your organisation, personal management, and work ethic will prepare you for any challenges life may throw your way.

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360-degree perception - The Leader

Lead the way. Take well-informed and decisive actions. Expand your knowledge of the world and find out how you fit in. Boost your leadership, self and global awareness to get a 360-degree perspective on your environment and a deeper understanding of your own potential.

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Join a virtual experience anytime and anywhere for only a few hours a week

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Build your microcredential portfolio by enrolling into our virtual programs

Certified Career Leaders

Our career programs are designed by Blue Goat Careers, professional career coaches and business psychologists with more than 45 years of collective experience. When you need help charting a path through unlimited career options, Blue Goat gives you the space to explore what you need and find your destiny.

Its career leaders  are registered members of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA)and certified Morrisby Online practitioners.

Career guidance

Explore world-class programs designed by career guidance experts to help you power through the unknown world of work.

The 35K club

Whether we realise it or not, we make an enormous number of decisions every day: 35,000 a day by some counts. But no one ever teaches us how to ensure we’re making the right ones. Until now. Make the right career and life choices for you, and forget the #FOMO from other choices.

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Ready to roll

You’re about to step away from the familiarity of school and into the unknown. Our program helps you address the fear, replace anxiety with curiosity and figure out what you need as a ‘responsible adult’.

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Stress-free start

This program dives into how you can start dreaming about your future, makes subject selection a valuable test of your interests and helps you get comfortable learning through failure and not knowing all the answers.

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Parallel parent

Transform the confusion and frustration of your teenagers’ career choices (or complete lack of them) into an understanding approach that reflects what they need from you. This course runs parallel to The 35K club, from a parent’s perspective.

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Teachers and career advisers

Shifting a career choice process into a personally engaging experience for the many many many students you need to support. Work with each student using a SMART program that supports them as they become more independent with each decision.

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Why Students Love Grandshake

“I found it difficult to interact with my school. But Grandshake was awesome and the work experience helped me develop a sense of responsibility and got me some experience I needed.”

“Through my first job shadowing, I landed a paid gig. I soon release the benefits of being employed during high school. I found other ways I can start my career and not go crazy about ATAR.”

“I did not know what I wanted to do and none of my friends are talking about what they want to do. Thanks to Grandshake I found my passion and sense of clarity.”

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