Be part of something Grand!

We are a fast-paced and growing startup with a vision to close the growing gap between education and the real world. We believe in challenging the status quo by daring our educators and people in the society responsible for providing hope to our young people.

We recommend having a quick glance at the Grand manifesto at the end of current opportunties at Grand Company. And if you find values that twinkle your toes, rock your boat you should apply.

Opportunities at Grand Company

Marketing Communications Coordinator


About the role

As a Marketing Communications Coordinator, you have the most exciting job; designing and delivering creative marketing strategies to recruit students, increase monthly active user base and drive high engagement through our school and growth partnerships.

  • Creative and high-impact role in rapidly growing Start-up.
  • Have fun and learn every day.
  • Very supportive team culture - you will be proud of.

Reports to:

Chief Operating Officer

Works closely with:

Program Designer, Product Manager

Oversee work of:

Blog and Content Writer, Ambassadors (approx. 12 high school students)

Role type:

This is a part-time (0.8 FTE) position based at Grandshake, 155 Queen St, Brisbane. With flexible work environment; 2 days from Office and 2 days work from home.

Grandshake has always been a diverse and inclusive workplace and wishes to encourage applications from Indigenous Australians, people from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds, people with disabilities and LGBTIQ+ individuals.


Who we are:

Grand Company is a fast-paced and growing startup with a vision to close the growing gap between education and the real world. Through Grandshake, our skills platform - we help high school students figure out what’s next before they finish high school.

Our Grand mission is to amplify core human abilities, giving people from all walks of life equal opportunity to thrive - and live a life of meaning, connection and purpose.

What’s the role:

The Marketing Communications Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the development, management and operation of marketing and communications strategies to best achieve Grand Company’s short term goals and long term vision.

You will craft highly engaging communication and run marketing campaigns to promote our virtual work experience and upskilling products. Your goal is to better target new and existing audience segments with a focus on increased engagement.

What you’ll do:

  • Work with our product team to;
  • Develop audience-centric communication and marketing strategies
  • Design and deploy product launch and engagement campaigns using our digital comms and marketing platforms like Hubspot, and Webflow
  • Foster new and existing school partner relationships and provide strategic communications support to help increase student engagement per school
  • Manage & nurture relationships with our marketing partners and national ambassadors to generate content and drive student recruitment
  • Assemble and publish content that motivates, inspires, educates, informs, sells, and simply provides information across our social media channels, blog and newsletters
  • Strategically reach out to new local and national content partners and brand influencers
  • Design and deploy targeted paid marketing campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Use audience insights and data analytics tools to identify opportunities for digital growth

Who you are:

  • A relationship-driven person
  • Love and have a passion for social causes and making a positive impact
  • A keen communicator who would love to jump on a phone call with our partner schools
  • Comfortable in front of a camera and record selfie videos using our VideoAsk platform
  • Creative thinker, confident and proactive in your approach
  • Able to work autonomously and be a team player while displaying excellent communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills
  • Some experience in planning and implementing effective marketing and community engagement plans


Ready to apply

If you’re excited about our mission and think you would be the right Grand human for this role follow these steps:

Watch the video pitch from Dhawal Nayak, our Founder and CEO provided 👇 below and when you are ready hit the blue button 'Record my answer' to record a 90-second video CV. Include your response to our following three questions;

  1. Why would you be the perfect fit for the role?
  2. What do you believe your 3 strengths and areas you want to improve are?
  3. Why Grandshake? What made you want to apply?
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

To apply now - hit the Record my answer button

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The Grand manifesto

We need your help to accomplish a shared social mission and like all great companies, we seek out people with an aligned interest, values and intention of creating a culture we as a company can be proud of.

Grand humans;

  1. Think independently
  2. Communicate openly and mindfully
  3. Value the intensive pursuit of truth and excellence
  4. Take the initiative and have a high sense of personally accountability 
  5. Are generous and fair
  6. Listen and act, without ego 
We believe it’s our soft skills that create space for authentic, meaningful connection and growth - individually and collectively.

We choose to create awareness and amplify these human abilities so we can thrive and live in harmony in this ever changing world.

Grand values and behaviors

Be mindful

  • you are present, respect other’s time by minimising distractions and giving them your undivided attention
  • you take time to reflect; be a keen observer of your own thoughts and feelings

Communicate kindly

  • you listen deeply, ask questions, gain clarity before responding
  • you communicate your ideas, vision and request clearly and concisely
  • you provide honest, helpful, timely feedback with good intent
Clear is kind, unclear is unkind.
- Brené Brown

Respect regardless

  • you are curious and value the experience of people with diverse perspectives, or from different backgrounds and cultures
  • you treat people with respect regardless of status or viewpoint
  • you recognise we all have biases and work to grow past them
  • you maintain trust by only say things about a fellow humans you will say to their face

Give a human touch

  • you are generous and have a high standard of fairness
  • you make time to help others 
  • you take pride in developing genuine relationships 
  • you elevate people and celebrate our individual and collective successes


  • you are egoless when working with others 
  • you empathise with others, be humble and seek to have a broader view
  • you celebrate successes as a team 
  • you seek what is best for Grand Company rather than best for yourself
  • you think strategically; be conscious of how the parts contributes to the whole


  • you speak up when it’s in the best interest of Grand Company, even if it is uncomfortable
  • you take smart risks and are open to possible failures
  • you question actions inconsistent with our values 
Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.
- Nelson Mandela

Freedom and responsibility 

  • you take the initiative to make Grand Company and our community better
  • you have an innate sense of urgency 
  • you honour your commitments and personal accountability
  • you take pride in making decisions that are best for the company

Contagious passion

  • you are proud of what you do and radiate a contagious passion 
  • you are optimistic about our future
  • you inspire others with your way of being 

Innovation and Excellence

  • you passionately seek ways of achieving excellence
  • you combine creativity and logic to push the boundaries of what’s possible
  • you stay agile, adaptable and learn to thrive in ambiguity
  • you see challenges as an opportunity rather than obligation

Amplifying human skills and potential 

Our Grand mission is to amplify core human abilities, giving people from all walks of life equal opportunity to thrive - and live a life of meaning, connection and purpose.

All of Us at Grand Company are responsible for ensuring we truly live our values and culture. Everything we do here must be consistent against our values and the behaviours. 

The great aim of education is not knowledge, it's action.
- Herbert Spencer