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We are a fast-paced and growing startup with a vision to close the growing gap between education and the real world. We believe in challenging the status quo by daring our educators and people in the society responsible for giving hope to our next generation. So we need your help in driving our common mission forward!

We recommend a quick deep dive into the Grand manifesto and then check out the job openings below and if you see something that twinkles your toes, rock your boat you should apply. Even if you live outside the Brisbane Area. (Yes, we are remote-friendly, thanks for asking.)

The Grand manifesto

We need your help to accomplish a shared social mission and like all great companies, we seek out people with an aligned interest, values and intention of creating a culture we as a company can be proud of.

Grand humans;

  1. Think independently
  2. Communicate openly and mindfully
  3. Value the intensive pursuit of truth and excellence
  4. Take the initiative and have a high sense of personally accountability 
  5. Are generous and fair
  6. Listen and act, without ego 
We believe it’s our soft skills that create space for authentic, meaningful connection and growth - individually and collectively.

We choose to create awareness and amplify these human abilities so we can thrive and live in harmony in this ever changing world.

Grand values and behaviors

Be mindful

  • you are present, respect other’s time by minimising distractions and giving them your undivided attention
  • you take time to reflect; be a keen observer of your own thoughts and feelings

Communicate kindly

  • you listen deeply, ask questions, gain clarity before responding
  • you communicate your ideas, vision and request clearly and concisely
  • you provide honest, helpful, timely feedback with good intent
Clear is kind, unclear is unkind.
- Brené Brown

Respect regardless

  • you are curious and value the experience of people with diverse perspectives, or from different backgrounds and cultures
  • you treat people with respect regardless of status or viewpoint
  • you recognise we all have biases and work to grow past them
  • you maintain trust by only say things about a fellow humans you will say to their face

Give a human touch

  • you are generous and have a high standard of fairness
  • you make time to help others 
  • you take pride in developing genuine relationships 
  • you elevate people and celebrate our individual and collective successes


  • you are egoless when working with others 
  • you empathise with others, be humble and seek to have a broader view
  • you celebrate successes as a team 
  • you seek what is best for Grand Company rather than best for yourself
  • you think strategically; be conscious of how the parts contributes to the whole


  • you speak up when it’s in the best interest of Grand Company, even if it is uncomfortable
  • you take smart risks and are open to possible failures
  • you question actions inconsistent with our values 
Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.
- Nelson Mandela

Freedom and responsibility 

  • you take the initiative to make Grand Company and our community better
  • you have an innate sense of urgency 
  • you honour your commitments and personal accountability
  • you take pride in making decisions that are best for the company

Contagious passion

  • you are proud of what you do and radiate a contagious passion 
  • you are optimistic about our future
  • you inspire others with your way of being 

Innovation and Excellence

  • you passionately seek ways of achieving excellence
  • you combine creativity and logic to push the boundaries of what’s possible
  • you stay agile, adaptable and learn to thrive in ambiguity
  • you see challenges as an opportunity rather than obligation

Amplifying human skills and potential 

Our Grand mission is to amplify core human abilities, giving people from all walks of life equal opportunity to thrive - and live a life of meaning, connection and purpose.

All of Us at Grand Company are responsible for ensuring we truly live our values and culture. Everything we do here must be consistent against our values and the behaviours. 

The great aim of education is not knowledge, it's action.
- Herbert Spencer

Current openings

Job description

Content Writer / Designer

Are you a Grand human looking for a role where you’ll get to use your flair to help create work experiences and drive an important social mission.

Grandshake is a fast-paced and growing startup with a vision to close the growing gap between education and the real world. We believe in challenging the status quo by daring our educators and people in the society responsible for giving hope to our next generation.

Grand Company has developed Grandshake, an all-in-one platform that offers virtual work experiences developed in partnership with national employers. A turn-key solution for secondary schools to help facilitate meaningful pathway experiences for students who seek career education, work experience or are not fully engaged in study or employment.

Basically, we exist to help young people figure out what’s next before they finish high school.

Don’t you wish you had Grandshake when you were at school?

Grandshake is on a social mission, and we need your help!

We are constantly seeking new ways to engage with our young people and enable unique experiences. Since we are a bridge between education and the real world, we need you to bring the best of both worlds. With your help at Grandshake, students will embark on a meaningful work experience journey, whilst amplifying their soft skills.


Your job

As a Content Writer / Designer for Grand Company, your duties and responsibilities will be to;

1. Collaborate with stakeholders (internal and external) to;

  • conduct research related to the area of work/job and the skills essential for the industry - research sources may include; interviews, self-study, etc.
  • design high-level program outline, including topics, dates and number of hours required per program.
  • write engaging program content from scratch - content includes; text, videos, quizzes, project work and skill development activities.
  • Work with the team to design, develop and implement effective and innovative virtual learning techniques and strategies to create a best practice online student-centred learning experience.


Your experiences and skills:

We work with lots and lots of young people so your job is pretty much to stay on top of it. Being able to engage with young people creatively and storytelling are some skillsets required to be a rockstar program writer and designer. You will also be placed in front of our stakeholders regularly to build a strong rapport. 

We don’t expect you to have all the skills right away, but we expect you to think outside of the box, have attention to detail, be flexible, have an empathetic personality and take responsibility. Something you can do naturally is being able to simplify complex information.

Having some experience in creative program writing or have been in the education sector previously would be a bonus but not essential.


Some of our values we uphold:

  • You will think independently
  • Argue open-mindedly and assertively
  • Value the intensive pursuit of truth and excellence
  • Considerate and have a high sense of personal accountability and do the right things
  • Generous nature and high standard of fairness
  • Most important put egos aside and assess candidly


Ready to apply:

You will start asap on a casual and move to a part-time basis within few months. The remuneration will be discussed with the right person during the interview process. The intention is to grow this into a more significant role as we grow.

It’s important to know that as a business that has grown off the back of our relationships, and our drive to solve an important problem and passion that has led us on this social movement, we have a high sense of freedom and responsibility and need the next Grand human to be as connected to our core values as we are. So that is it.  If that sounds like you, get in touch with us!


If you’re excited about our mission and think you would be the right Grand human for this role follow these steps:

Send us a video CV, telling us;

  1. Why you would be the perfect fit for the role?
  2. What you believe your 3 strengths and areas you want to improve are?
  3. Why Grandshake? What made you want to apply?
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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Job description

Grand Ambassador

Preferably someone currently in high school.

Do you have a creative flare, love to tell stories and like being active on social media platforms?

We are looking for a positive and bubbly social media influencer to serve as our rockstar supporter of Grandshake. The Social Media Influencer is a highschool student within years 9-12 who is passionate about personal growth, is not afraid to be who they are, is outgoing and can influence others around them in a positive way.

Grand Company is a fast-paced and growing startup with a vision to close the growing gap between education and the real-world. We believe in challenging the status quo by daring our educators and people in the society responsible for giving hope to our next generation.

That means we are on a social mission, and we need to be creative and create lots of soul worthy content! We’re looking for a few influencers who are not afraid of turning the camera and record content for social media and exciting creative projects. 


What you’ll get to do:

  • Create some exciting new projects that involve, film making, acting and public social experiments
  • Be the face on our tv shows on social media (IGTV, Youtube, Facebook Watch)
  • Join a fantastic young team creating some awesome content ideas to capture fellow peers like yourself from high school. 



  • This is an internship based role and will be rolling out in the school holiday period, will be required in November - January
  • Attending high school (senior years 10 - 12) can be Year 9 in 2020.
  • Fluent in English
  • A passion for social media
  • Outgoing, bubbly and positive
  • Authentic and genuine


Ready to apply?

Go back to the top and click on the [Record your answer] button to submit a short 90 sec video CV and tell is why you would like to be part of the Grand family!

Looking forward to seeing your video submissions.

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