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We are a fast-paced and growing startup with a vision to close the growing gap between education and real-world. We believe in challenging the status quo by daring our educators and people in the society responsible for giving hope to our next generation.

We know we are on an important social mission, thousands of people resonate with our vision and mission - they have told us again and again, over the last 3 years of our existence - 'I wish I had Grandshake when I was back in school'.

So we need your help in driving our common mission forward! Check out our job openings below and if you see something that twinkle your toes, rock your boat you should apply. Even if you live outside the Brisbane Area. (Yes, we are remote-friendly, thanks for asking.)

Current openings

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Job description

Community Facilitator

We’re looking for an outgoing human who thrives on authenticity, building connections and has a passion for helping other people!

You will be the Grand human behind facilitating a highly productive and engaging online environment by making use of digital tools while still keeping people at the heart of our company mission.


Grand Company’s Culture

Grand Company is on a mission to promote skills and opportunities to undertake Future of Work. Grand Company is strictly a people’s company and our goal is to lead a culture that excites and motivates people.

As a Community Facilitator for Grand Company, your duties and responsibilities will be to;

  • Create a safe, fun and welcoming online environment in which students can fully strive.
  • Guide students through the program by reviewing their work and guiding them on the right track.
  • Utilise best practices to build an active engagement with students and industry mentors.
  • Moderate questions asked by students to then provide to the Mentors for a live chat session with the students.
  • Moderate and manage the mentor time table by ensuring their time is of best use  for live chat sessions with groups of students and final feedback on their assessment.
  • Moderate individual and group discussion through the feed page and direct chat function.
  • Uphold community expectations including implementing behaviour management when needed.
  • Support the social-emotional needs of students.
  • Maintaining engagement for students and directing them to other programs.
  • Upholding well maintained relationship with Mentors, checking in and ensuring they are well facilitated.
  • You must take initiative and complete work within a remote setting and at the office when required.
  • Prioritise competing needs, directives, and requests.


Requirements needed for the role:

  • High school graduate or equivalent
  • Passion for community growth in particular with high school students
  • Able to engage with a younger audience and guide them
  • Open minded, welcoming, inclusive, warming attitude that others can approach you without hesitation.
  • Not essential but some experience in either: community building, social work, operations or online social media engagement.


Some of our values we uphold:

  • You will think independently
  • Argue open-mindedly and assertively
  • Value the intensive pursuit of truth and excellence
  • Considerate and have a high sense of personal accountability and do the right things
  • Generous nature and high standard of fairness
  • Most important put egos aside and assess candidly

Our Grand Vision is to bridge the growing gap between education and the real-world!


Ready to apply:

If you’re excited about our mission and think you would be the right human for this role follow these steps:

1. Go back to the top and click on [Record your answer] button to start recording your Video CV. Tell us in 90 second;

  • Why you would be the perfect fit for the role
  • What you believe your 3 strengths and 2 weaknesses are.

2. You will get a chance to upload your CV and cover letter right after you've submitted your video CV.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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Job description

Social Media Influencers (High School Students)

Do you have a creative flare, love to tell stories and like being active on social media platforms?

We are looking for a positive and bubbly social media influencer to serve as our rockstar supporter of Grandshake. The Social Media Influencer is a highschool student within years 9-12 who is passionate about personal growth, is not afraid to be who they are, is outgoing and can influence others around them in a positive way.

Grand Company is a fast-paced and growing startup with a vision to close the growing gap between education and the real-world. We believe in challenging the status quo by daring our educators and people in the society responsible for giving hope to our next generation.

That means we are on a social mission, and we need to be creative and create lots of soul worthy content! We’re looking for a few influencers who are not afraid of turning the camera and record content for social media and exciting creative projects. 


What you’ll get to do:

  • Create some exciting new projects that involve, film making, acting and public social experiments
  • Be the face on our tv shows on social media (IGTV, Youtube, Facebook Watch)
  • Join a fantastic young team creating some awesome content ideas to capture fellow peers like yourself from high school. 



  • This is an internship based role and will be rolling out in the school holiday period, will be required in November - January
  • Attending high school (senior years 10 - 12) can be Year 9 in 2020.
  • Fluent in English
  • A passion for social media
  • Outgoing, bubbly and positive
  • Authentic and genuine


Ready to apply?

Go back to the top and click on the [Record your answer] button to submit a short 90 sec video CV and tell is why you would like to be part of the Grand family!

Looking forward to seeing your video submissions.

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