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The skills gap is growing; young people are unprepared

Young people are becoming more technically qualified yet the skills gap continues to grow. Why? There is a mismatch between the skills gained through traditional education and

We believe in bridging this gap between education and industry, so that young people and organisations can thrive.

We digitally transform how organisations engage with new talent

Connect with passionate young people and influence their career journeys with our unique upskilling, career discovery and mentoring solutions. Profile career preferences, industry opportunities and identify talent with the skills your organisation needs.

By amplifying the importance of soft and human skills, we aim to close the skills gap and drive fulfilling employment journeys.

Australia’s #1 online skills platform

New skills platform that is perpetually improving how young people and employers anticipate and acquire skills.

Influence young Australians' career journeys and develop a steady stream of future talent with skills right for your organisation.

Also, an innovative tool that provides social licence to create impact and leave a legacy in local communities.

Platform stats

We are proudly growing...


schools have students engaging via the platform 


of Australian students have considered virtual work experience


average student CSAT rating across platform


total monthly community reach

Engage talent with skills your business needs

Work with us to build a virtual work experience or skills microprogram that reflects your business goals and empowers youth to discover fulfilling career pathways .

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Key value proposition

Gain valuable insights & data

Receive regular reports on talent & community engagement. Access data insights via your industry dashboard. Receive visibility across campaigns from start to finish.

Influence talent preferences

Increase your brand recognition amongst youth. Gain insights on talent preferences. Maximise youth outreach through our established online community. Engage young talent via Grandshake facilitated mentorship

Save time and money

Maximise your ROI with our cost-efficient pricing model. Sit back as Grandshake manage all content production, mentor engagement and program delivery. Centralise your talent engagement efforts

But don't just trust us...

Hear from our industry partners

“Inland Rail is committed to playing our part in upskilling the nation and ensuring different groups of people are given the opportunity to help build Inland Rail. Our ambition is to increase the number of skilled local people eligible for work on Inland Rail. We do this through the Inland Rail Skills Academy which works with industry partners like Grandshake to deliver programs that build skills and prosperity in our local communities, regions and around Australia.”

Rebecca Pickering
Interim CEO Inland Rail

Mapping the skills journey through Grandshake means we can articulate the requirements for each step of the career pathway and ensure our internal training and development is current.

Keren Gifford
HR and Business Manager, Cardno

The opportunity to contribute to the design of virtual work experience will help us confirm and clarify the skills and abilities required by our national employees in these high priority industries.

Mel Ireland
Member Executive at Australian Industry Group

We believe hiring a young woman with whom they have worked with in the past, and who has proven affinity for our industry will reduce the time and resources [our industry members] invest in recruitment and initial training.

Nicola Grayson
CEO, Consult Australia
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