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Connect with motivated students and young professionals ready to drive your organisation's success

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Work with Grandshake to 
make young people, your people

New way to meet more young people

We provide a cutting-edge platform that connects employers like you with a diverse pool of ambitious students and young professionals seeking real-world experiences.

By partnering with Grandshake, you'll unlock a pipeline of exceptional talent, fuel innovation, and shape the future of your industry.

Create Customised Work Experience Programs

Showcase your company's vision and values by offering internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing, or project-based assignments.

Craft meaningful experiences that attract top talent and cultivate future leaders who align with your organisation's goals.

Elevate Your Employer Brand

Differentiate as an industry leader committed to talent development and youth empowerment.

Partnering with Grandshake amplifies your employer brand, attracting the brightest minds and positioning your company as a champion of career progression.

New Ideas Drive Innovation and Growth

Engage with a fresh perspective by nurturing young talent.

Provide opportunities for students to contribute innovative ideas, infuse your organsation with new energy, and fuel growth through the collaboration of experienced professionals and aspiring change-makers.

Also, an innovative tool that provides social licence to create impact and leave a legacy in local communities.

Platform stats

We are proudly growing...


schools have students engaging via the platform 


of the users are made of young women


average student CSAT rating across platform


total reach across Australia

Engage talent with skills your need

Work with us to build a virtual work experience or skills microprogram that reflects your business goals and empowers youth to discover fulfilling career pathways .

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Why partner with us?


Connect with a diverse GenZers on a national scale


Engage with youth in a unique, authentic way


Drive positive brand awareness, find talent, and deliver the social impact


Gain valuable insights and skills data on the upcoming talent

Don't just take our word for it

Hear from our partners

“Inland Rail is committed to playing our part in upskilling the nation and ensuring different groups of people are given the opportunity to help build Inland Rail. Our ambition is to increase the number of skilled local people eligible for work on Inland Rail. We do this through the Inland Rail Skills Academy which works with industry partners like Grandshake to deliver programs that build skills and prosperity in our local communities, regions and around Australia.”

Rebecca Pickering
Interim CEO Inland Rail

Mapping the skills journey through Grandshake means we can articulate the requirements for each step of the career pathway and ensure our internal training and development is current.

Keren Gifford
HR and Business Manager, Cardno

The opportunity to contribute to the design of virtual work experience will help us confirm and clarify the skills and abilities required by our national employees in these high priority industries.

Mel Ireland
Member Executive at Australian Industry Group

We believe hiring a young woman with whom they have worked with in the past, and who has proven affinity for our industry will reduce the time and resources [our industry members] invest in recruitment and initial training.

Nicola Grayson
CEO, Consult Australia

We deliver on: Social Impact, Early Talent Development, Mentoring and Employee Engagement Initiative

Strengthen your early talent pipeline, enhance diversity and inclusion efforts, and drive social impact initiative that benefit your employees, customers, and communities.