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Virtual work experience & career guidance for schools.

Grandshake is an all-in-one platform that offers Virtual work experience developed in partnership with leading national and international employers.

Our experiences reflect the evolving demands of industry to prepare students for the future workplace. We help facilitate meaningful experiences for students who seek career education, work experience or those who are not fully engaged in traditional pathways.

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An all-in-one solution designed for your school

On-demand virtual work experiences

Our virtual work experiences that assist with career guidance are available now.

Grow school-industry partnerships

Grow your school-industry partnerships through our vetted local and national employer network.

Offer real microcredentials

Students earn industry-certified microcredential as a digital proof of their experience and skills that they can show to future employers.

Secure and scalable

It’s easy to enrol one student or a whole cohort into our fully encrypted offering.

Easy to access

No software or hardware required - students can join through a computer browser, smartphone or tablet.

Join from anywhere

Students from regional Australia can join easily, even with a poor internet connection.

Our value proposition

Download our printable value proposition guide for more information to share with your school leaders.

Why choose Grandshake


In 2019, Grandshake was acknowledged by the Deputy-Director General of the Queensland Department of Employment, Small Business and Training.


Piloted with Queensland’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and their partner regional schools.


Grandshake has established partnerships with local, national and multinational employers.


In 2019, Grandshake's work experience platform was approved by the Queensland Department of Education.


Our team of certified career practitioners, psychologists and learning designers have designed comprehensive, evidence-based career education work experiences aligned with the requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Working with Grandshake has been a real positive experience

“Grandshake's virtual work experience platform has been very beneficial for our students; they enable industry education and workplace experiences across a very wide range career pathways. It is essential for students to broaden their experiences but also to help inform their subject choices as they look at what they will narrow their pathways down and subject choices in year 10, 11 and 12.”

Llew Paulger
Executive Principal @ Kelvin Grove State College

Steps to become a Grand partner school...


Create a school admin account

Sign up at the top of this page. Then, follow the prompts to verify your account and get admin access.


Choose a Demo Program

Before you share this with your students, we suggest you start with a demo program to try and see what your students will see. You can choose any program you like, progress through and see what students see.


Let's make it official!

We will support you to help implement Grandshake programs into your class and help create resources for your school.  Lets Celebrate together and share the news.

Enable life-long learners

Career education is not just a good-to-have!

"Schools and industry must engage more systematically with employers to help senior secondary students gain an understanding of the world of work, undertake effective career planning, and access opportunities for employment and training."


"Programs that support school– industry partnerships at scale, such as hubs and brokerage arrangements, should be put in place to increase the quality and longevity of school–industry partnerships"


"Industry connections can facilitate development, training and employment opportunities, promote a sense of responsible citizenship and encourage lifelong learning."


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Connect your students to Grand opportunities within diverse industries and help your students uncover their future.