Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Grandshake for?

Young people aged 13-19.

How many programs can I do?

You can enroll in as many programs as you like but we recommend sticking to one virtual experience at a time so you can get the most out of the program.

When can I commence my program?

You can start a program whenever you want, whether that’s the school holidays or the regular school term.

How long is the virtual work experience program?

Typically our virtual work experience programs last 4 weeks.

Is there any face-to-face interaction or is the program completely online?

Our virtual programs are completely online hence no in-person or physical presence is required. Although students are expected to engage with us and our industry partners during our video check-ins.

Why should I choose Grandshake?

Because we get you! We get that you’re not sure, we get that making decisions can be hard. And we get the fears, pressure and expectation from family, siblings, school, friends and even yourself can be daunting.

Grandshake programs are designed in partnership with local and global employers. You’ll finish with greater insights into and stronger relationships with people who work in your industry of interest.

Can I get practical work experience after completing a virtual work experience program?

Yes. Our programs are designed for students who want a brief insight into the industry and those who want to take the next step. We have a range of opportunities including industry tours, job shadowing, mentoring programs and our micro-apprenticeships (an opportunity similar to practical work experience).

How can I pay for my program?

Payments can be made using debit or credit card. Your payments will be processed by Stripe (a world-leading payment gateway platform) and we don’t store your card details. In short, nothing to worry about.

What’s a microcredential? What can I do with it? And how does it improve my chances of getting my first job or starting a career?

As part of the growing movement towards microlearning, Grandshake’s employer-certified credentials are custom-made to help you upskill in your industry or area of interest. Earning microcredentials can help fill the gaps in your CV and expand your skill base. Visit Grandshake MicroCreds to learn more.

When will I receive my microcredential badge?

Within 7 days of completion you’ll be issued a microcredential (or digital badge). Follow the online link to download, email, or share your achievement  across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other platforms. Learn more about what you can do with MicroCreds here.

Are the Grandshake programs VETiS funded?

No. Unfortunately our programs are not funded by the local or federal system.