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QUIZ: What career should I do after high school?

Some people know they are destined to attend university, while others wonder if it is right for them. Some know that they don’t need a degree to find career passion and success, while others are questioning if the student debt of uni is worth it 🤓

Yes, it’s safe to say that choosing your career path after high school is complicated. And consider university as just one possible pathway 🙃

Take our short career pathway quiz to help find career clarity and get thinking about your future after high school 💡

If you’re feeling stuck, feel free to reach out to team Grandshake for a chat.

TAKE THIS QUIZ TOO: What type of engineer should you be?

Still unsure about what pathway to take? We think the best antidote is getting experience and exposure to different industries. Check out our FREE Virtual Work Experiences and Upskilling Micros - if something there takes your fancy, why not give it a go before you commit to a career?

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