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Are virtual internships worth it for high school students?

We’re a little biased seeing as we run Australia's best virtual internship program, but we’re here to tell you they absolutely are. From real world experience through to giving you a leg up on your peers, here’s why...


Cool Summer Jobs for High School Students

From getting an early start on what you think your career might be to forging a brand new career path all of your own, here are some 😎 cool jobs to get you through the long, hot ⛱ summer.


Unfiltered with Rhea Mozo

Rhea's career has already taken her in so many different directions, which just goes to show the value of 21st-century experiences. Rhea talks about her journey and shares her advice for high school students.


What are the benefits of virtual work experience for schools?

Work experience is unlike almost any other part of a student’s schooling life. As an educator, it means entrusting private businesses with your students’ education and wellbeing.


Why is it important to build skills and capability in regional Australia

Now, more than ever, regional Australian businesses and industry need to support our school leavers by bridging the gap from school to working life.


Grandshake and Inland Rail partnership

Grand Opportunities, a regional skills initiative delivered in partnership with Inland Rail that gives secondary schools an opportunity to engage with major regional employers and provide their students with meaningful virtual work experiences.

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