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QUIZ: What future food career is for you?

One thing is for certain: we humans need food to survive. And since most of us aren’t tending  to the land and growing what we eat, we rely on others for our food supply.

That’s not to mention the booming global population. Right now there are around 7.5 billion people on Earth, and, according to a United Nations report from 2017, by 2030 there will be 8.6 billion. That’s 1.1 billion more people to feed with the same land we have now. How can we make it happen?

Of course, we’ve already using technology to adapt. We’ve figured out how to increase the yields of food grown to feed more mouths. But with deforestation, soil exhaustion, water pollution and climate change it will be challenging to increase production without continual environmental harm.

In your lifetime we’ll need to find new ways to grow food, waste less and feed more people. It’s a daunting but exciting challenge. 

Whether you want to innovate and design new ways to work with a changing climate, use robotics to improve efficiency, or educate others on food waste, there are dozens of rewarding careers in this essential industry. 

As part of National Science Week we’ve created this future food career quiz to help inspire your studies after high school. 

Let’s gooooo!

Liked the quiz? We have more! Thinking of becoming an engineer but don't know what sort? Try our quiz ✌️

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