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How schools are embracing virtual skills development amid the pandemic

The global pandemic has challenged our educators and schools relentlessly, making it increasingly difficult to safely connect students to career opportunities. However, thanks to virtual technology, there is a new online platform that enables schools to facilitate meaningful work experiences, mentoring and skills development opportunities for their students.

Learn how schools across the nation are value-adding skills development and career education within the growing boundaries of the global pandemic.

“We are celebrating over 170 schools having participated in Grandshake’s virtual work experience and upskilling microprograms”, says Dhawal Nayak - Founder and CEO of Grandshake.

Grandshake is the only online platform for young people that offers careers exploration, skills development and industry mentorship 100% for free to schools. All programs are designed in partnership with leading companies so students work on real projects, learn from real professionals and gain real credentials.

Grandshake ensures educators a covid safe solution alongside data on student interests, pathways, and pain points.

“Grandshake has been innovative in offering beneficial, real-world virtual work experience opportunities for students. The virtual nature of this program is unique and has been well received in light of current limitations imposed linked to Covid -19”, explained Jacquelene - Careers Counsellor at St Peter's College.

Industry partnership made it simple

Grandshake’s partnership with Australia's largest infrastructure project, Inland Rail and Inland Rail Skills Academy, provided metro and regional schools with unlimited access to virtual work experience opportunities.

“Our students get limited opportunities in regions. Grandshake brings invaluable industry partnerships we can't build on our own.” Charlene, Careers Officer at The Cathedral College.  

Invite to join Grandshake from Rebecca Pickering, Chief Executive - Interim at Inland Rail.

Since 2017, Grand Company has been on a social mission to bridge the gap between education and the real world. Additionally, the Grand team have developed a catalogue of Upskilling microprograms to build the skills employers demand into the young workforce.

These skills have been repeatedly highlighted by OECD reports and World Economic Forums as essential to closing the skills gap. Dhawal says, “we need to amplify our human abilities and soft skills, that's what makes us different from machines.”

“Our senior students can dive into Grandshake's work experience and build industry connections, whilst our Year 9 and 10 students can develop soft skills awareness.” Anthea, Careers Counsellor at Woodcroft College.

Here's Audrey a year 12 student, sharing her Grand experience!

Grandshake partner schools have used the pandemic as inspiration to increase their student access to career opportunities in emerging industries. These industries include transport, electrical engineering, mechanics, sustainability, communication, drone piloting, construction, environmental planning and more!

Term 4 school-industry partnership opportunity!

Due to limited availability, Grandshake is only inviting 30 new high schools (during term 4) from across Australia to become school partners; who want to provide virtual work experience and skills development opportunities to students.


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