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What working from home means for students entering the workforce

Here’s what working from home means today for students and how we see it looking in the future.


Advice for school leavers: in a world of uncertainty, here's what to do in 2021

If you finished high school in 2020, you deserve a huge pat on the back. The last year of school is – of course – the hardest year. A global pandemic is the last thing anyone needs while juggling exams, working part-time and keeping up a social life.


Six cool jobs in STEM (and how to study for them)

Learn from real Aussies about the coolest jobs in STEM and how they got there and their advice for young people


Virtual work experience guide for parents

The real world is moving faster than any parent or teacher can keep up with and many of today’s teenagers will work jobs that probably haven’t been created yet.


Why work experience is vital for school and industry

When industry and education work together, not only does it give students the opportunity but it gives industry the ability to further develop talent


5 Tips to help schools grow industry partnership

Top tips on how you can reach out to industries efficiently and purposefully so you can start creating lasting partnerships


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