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How to Build a Strong Work Ethic

Be a team player that others can rely on, and learn to communicate your needs in both a professional and personal capacity 👯‍♂️

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Our 40-minute microprogram lays out the foundations of having a solid work ethic. Participate in exercises to pinpoint your values and find a career that embodies them. Pick up accountability techniques and interview tips. Learn how to ask for feedback, and embody a positive workplace culture that makes you and others in your team want to show up to work (or school) every day. This soft skill will help you no matter the career path you’re seeking. 

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You need:

  • Yourself 
  • A can-do attitude
  • A computer, laptop or phone 
  • An internet connection
  • A comfy place to study (yes, even your bed)

You don't need:

  • To limit yourself
  • To break the bank (it’s all FREE)
  • The latest tech
  • Previous experience

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