About us

IGO is a forward-thinking mining andĀ exploration companyĀ committed to sustainable and responsible resource development. We specialize in discovering, developing, and operating high-quality assets in the fields of nickel, copper, cobalt, and gold. Are you ready to join a team that's shaping the future of theĀ mining industryĀ and making a positive impact?

Our skills

  • Mining andĀ resource extraction
  • Exploration and geosciences
  • Metals processing and refining
  • SustainabilityĀ and environmental management

Culture and values

At IGO, our culture is built on safety, integrity, and a commitment toĀ operational excellence. We're passionate about fostering anĀ inclusive work environmentĀ that encourages continuous learning and professional growth for all team members.

Life at IGO

Joining IGO means becoming part of a supportive community that values your development. We offer comprehensive training programs, competitive employee benefits, and a range of flexible work options to help you excel in your career.

Early career opportunities

  • GraduateĀ Engineer
  • Geoscientist Trainee
  • Health, Safety, and EnvironmentĀ Specialist
  • Finance and Accounting Intern
  • Human ResourcesĀ Trainee

Kickstart your career at IGO

Ready to make a difference with IGO? Visit ourĀ Careers page, explore available opportunities, and apply online. The application process may involve submitting your CV, answering questions about your experience, and participating in interviews. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

Early careers program
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