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Junior Digital Engineer

Dive deep into data as Inland Rail’s latest Digital Mastermind. Explore the intricate world of digital engineering, information systems and data navigation! Learn to design and create your own digital network system that revolutionises the safety and efficiency of our train networks.

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Within our new virtual work experience, you will support the design of a cutting edge digital management system that revolutionises Australia’s train network. As a Junior Digital Engineer, you will have exclusive access to Inland Rail projects that allow you to develop your data processing, product designing and digital engineering skills. You will learn how to analyse different data sets, consult fellow Junior Engineers about design implementation, construct a digital management system online, to then video present this system to the lead engineers and Inland Rail mentors.

Is this for you?


  • Want to make a positive difference to society
  • Are interested in understanding how data is analysed to create amazing designs
  • Would like an industry mentor and career guidance
  • Think train systems are cool
  • Love learning!

Then this experience was made for you!

What you will gain

  • Insight into the key disciplines and concepts relevant to the work of a digital engineer, including their day to day tasks.
  • First-hand experience in information management; conceptualising, drafting and presenting modern systems such as ATMS.
  • Exposure to design platforms that allow you to create virtual assets for your portfolio. 
  • Feedback on your work and progress from industry mentors and a program facilitator, as well as frequent professional growth opportunities. 
  • Certified microcredential titled, ‘Junior Digital Engineer virtual work experience at Inland Rail’, to kick-start your career in areas related to engineering/digital technology.

To join

You need:

  • Yourself 
  • A can-do attitude
  • Enthusiasm and curiosity
  • Dedication to complete weekly activities
  • To try your best
  • A computer, laptop or phone 
  • An internet connection
  • A comfy place to study (yes even your bed)
  • Snacks to keep you going

You don't need:

  • To limit yourself
  • To break the bank ( Because our virtual work experiences are free)
  • Too cool for school 
  • The latest tech
  • 5+ years of industry experience 
  • A uni degree
  • Poor attitude

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