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How to make the most of your school holidays

Ah, can you feel that? It’s the sweet taste of freedom. The school holidays are here, at long last, and they’re yours to enjoy however you choose 😎

We like to think of ourselves as like a big brother or sister. Someone who has been there, done that and experienced it all before. So if you want our advice on how to make the most of your school holidays, we’d block in a bit of the below 👇

From kicking back and relaxing or hanging out with friends, to time spent dreaming 💭 of your future and taking small steps towards your goals, here’s the best things you can do this school holidays.

Get clear on your goals

What do you want to be when you grow up? Now is the time to dream, to plan and to visualise what your future might look like. Knowing what you want in life means you can ask better questions and seek out opportunities that will push you closer to your dreams 💭

Ask yourself: What are you good at? What can you see yourself doing as a job? What fields interest you? What matters most in a job? Do you want to work outside or in an office? Do you want to study at uni or TAFE? Is money or freedom more important? What pathways can get you ahead?

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Learn a new skill

School holidays are perfect to sink your time into learning a new skill or improving on one of your hobbies. It could be that you want to get started on a self-directed course, earn yourself a microcredential or spend time practicing piano, tap dancing, painting or soccer skills ⚽

If you’re hungry to keep learning over your school break, our Upskilling Microprograms will help you improve skills like communication, problem solving and work ethic. These are all super skills that will make you more employable regardless of the field. Best of all, it’s free and each short program takes less than 40 minutes 🤓

Spend time with friends and family

During the semester it can be hard to find time to socialise outside school when you have to study for exams or work on assignments. It’s your school holidays so make time to recharge your social life and make plans to catch up with friends for dinner, the movies 🍿 or a day trip. Now’s also the time to see your favourite aunty or other family you don’t see enough.

Look for a casual job

You know what’s great? Money. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a sizable allowance from your parents, chances are you’re going to be craving some extra cash. Mo’ money = mo’ freedom, right? 💸 The school holidays means you have great availability and flexibility to work a casual job in retail or hospitality. You may be able to pick up paid work as a gardener or something similar too. Any job counts as work experience and shows future employers you can be trusted.

Volunteer your time

You might think volunteering is all about giving back to the community, but you gain from it too. Volunteering goes two-ways. You can support causes you care about while working towards a career you love or learning on-the-job social skills. If you’re interested in working with animals, people, the environment or for social causes, volunteering your time will give you exposure and counts as something to put on your resume 🖊️

Escape somewhere new

Change is as good as a holiday, they say, so why not have both? Use your school holiday break to escape into nature or visit another town or city nearby. Going camping is a great way to switch off and enjoy a digital detox while you soak in the best of nature’s beauty 🌳 Or visiting a new town or city might inspire you to dream bigger.

Rest up

Students get holidays for a reason - to rest up! Once the stress of exam block or the assignment rush is over, your body needs time to reset and reenergise to do it all over again next term. Make sure you allow yourself the time to relax during your school break.

Make the most of your holidays with one of our FREE upskilling microprograms. You can sign up and start any time, gaining sweet skills in topics like communication and problem solving in just 40 minutes or less.

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