Why work experience is vital for school and industry

It is more important now than ever for industry and education to work together. Students aka the future of the workforce, are keen to explore what is out there for them. The world is a big place, and the world of the workforce is even bigger. When industry and education work together, not only does it give students the opportunity to make connections with professionals and explore the industry, but it gives industry the ability to further develop students’ soft skills and the possibility to expand the business with the skills that young professionals bring to the table.

Developing that relationship between education and industry so students are able to connect with employers and discover more about careers is where to start. And it has been proven over and over again. Claire, a year ten student, recently completed her virtual work experience in Environmental Science at Cardno. Her high school adopted the virtual work experience programs to showcase the reality of the workforce for their students and provide them with an advantageous insight into diverse careers.

“The virtual workplace is packed with so much value. I have learned so much about the world of environmental science and related careers in the field” – Claire.

Forbes published an article early last year, discussing the importance of softs skills and the ten top soft skills that employees need in the future of work. Through her work experience, Claire was able to exercise and gain multiple soft skills ranging from creative and critical thinking to networking, time management and conflict resolution. All these soft skills are included in this list, and it is obvious the advantages that work experience possess so young students can further develop their skills for this new and evolved workplace.

“I always wanted to have a chat with someone from the industry, and thanks to Grandshake and Cardno, I have been able to speak with a Senior Environmental Scientist!”

And the advantages don’t stop there. From an industry viewpoint, when companies offer work experience to high school students, not only do they aid students in developing their soft skills, but they also get to have the opportunity to inspire the next generation of their employees.

“It’s important to embrace our future workers and provide them with an opportunity to display their talent and abilities.” – Dhawal Nayak, Founder, CEO and Mastermind behind the Grand Company.

Because through offering opportunities to high school students, companies are also able to provide students with potential employment opportunities, which helps to expand business with new perspectives of young professionals.

“I recommend anyone interested in exploring more about careers to seek an opportunity to conduct a meaningful work experience” – Claire

To have a sustainable and continual impact to better ready our students for the future of work, employers need to have a significant focus on creating and strengthening partnerships with schools, and together with schools, need to invest in providing opportunities to students through these partnerships.

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