Upskilling microprogram

Curiosity: Career super-skill

Curiosity is a career super-skill, but one that’s often overlooked. This short, 40-minute microprogram will show you how curiosity has been behind many of the world’s great inventions, and that with a little practice, you can use it to make your mark on the world, too.

How to Make Great Decisions

Being able to make well-informed choices will differentiate you from others, win you friends and show your leadership potential at work. This 40-minute microprogram will teach you how to make the right choices, process hard decisions, act autonomously and work as a team.

Learn to Prioritise and Focus

Society is obsessed with the idea of being busy, but being busy doesn’t translate to reaching your goals. This 40-minute microprogram will teach you how to prioritise and focus on what’s important, not what’s most urgent so you can be effective and efficient at work and in life.

Introduction to Adaptability

Adaptability is your #1 skill for life and work. Why? Because it makes you happier, more fun and more flexible. It reduces stress and anxiety, makes you a more valuable employee, a better leader and better able to deal with challenging situations. Ready to find out more? Jump into this fun, free short Upskilling microprogram!

Kickstart your career with negotiation skills

Whether you need to close business deals, solve arguments with colleagues or lock in a new job contract, negotiation is a key skill to navigating the workplace and your career. Mastering this soft skill set will make you easier to work with and a more valuable employee (and probably richer). By the end of this short, 40-minute microprogram you will understand the importance of negotiation in the workplace and how to apply it to advance your career.

Essential project management skills for the workplace

Everywhere you look projects are happening. From a home kitchen renovation to a new restaurant opening to a new skyscraper being built - these are all projects. By the end of this short, 40-minute microprogram you will understand the importance of project management and how to apply it to advance your career.

The Power of Planning and Organisation

Discover how planning and organisation can help you reach your goals faster and more effectively. If you’re a master procrastinator, or you’re juggling a hundred tasks at once, or you find yourself stressed out by deadlines, then this 40-minute microprogram is for you.

The Art of Creative Thinking

Whether you consider yourself creative or not, this 40-minute microprogram will help you develop your unique creative personality so you can reach your potential for innovation in the workplace, think outside of the box, and find inspiration in your surroundings.

Effective Communication for Young Professionals

Master the art of professional communication and step into the workforce with your best foot forward. If you’re anxious about starting your first job, want to know how to communicate your strengths and boundaries, or are puzzled by email and meeting etiquette, this 40-minute sequel to our Fundamentals of Communication microprogram is for you. 

Introduction to Critical Thinking

Learn to seek truth out from lies in an age of digital misinformation. Challenge your biases, diversify your perspective, and form fact-based judgements. This short 40-minute upskilling microprogram will introduce you to the essential critical thinking skills essential for both personal and professional success.

The Fundamentals of Self-awareness

Get to know the most important person in your life: yourself. Practice making healthy decisions, seeing the world through an objective lens, and learn the power of mindfulness. This short 40-minute upskilling microprogram will lay the foundations for all types of future self-improvement and success.

How to Build a Strong Work Ethic

Be a team player that others can rely on, and learn to communicate your needs in both a professional and personal capacity 👯‍♂️

Problem Solving 101

It’s time to seize back control of your future career and life goals. Conquer problems big and small by shifting your perspective and identifying practical solutions with confidence. This short 40-minute upskilling microprogram will equip you with the problem solving skills to jumpstart your success in any workplace.

The Fundamentals of Communication

Get ready, it’s time to master the art of persuasion. This short 40-minute Upskilling microprogram will give you communication soft skills to help you navigate life and your future career. Being able to clearly express your ideas, empathise with others and ask for clarification from colleagues is critical to succeeding in a collaborative workplace.

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