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Electrical Technician

Spark your curiosity for all things electrical—it's time to flex your skills as Inland Rail’s latest Electrical Technician. Learn how to install, modify, and repair signalling and communication systems. Set yourself up with an electrifying skill set and gain a taste of what it’s like to work alongside chief electrical specialists.

Systems and Signals Operator

Have you ever wondered what goes on in air traffic towers and rail control rooms? Study the strategic science of transport signalling, control systems and communication technology. Potential career outcomes include Signalling Technician, Rail Engineer, Air Traffic Controller and more!

Civil Construction Cadet

Strap on your hard-hats and buckle your safety belts, it’s time to build Inland Rail’s biggest and coolest infrastructure project. Think of the last cool building you saw… was it the Burj Khalifa or perhaps the Sydney Opera House? As Inland Rail’s newest Civil Construction Cadet, you will learn the foundational steps to construct and design such groundbreaking architecture.

Junior Environmental Planner

Roll out those blueprints and engage your passion for sustainable development. Work with Inland Rail to execute large-scale infrastructure projects, whilst preserving Australia’s protected ecosystems. You’ll gain skills in surveying, cultural preservation and project management; and help minimise Inland Rail’s ecological footprint.

Junior Digital Engineer

Dive deep into data as Inland Rail’s latest Digital Mastermind. Explore the intricate world of digital engineering, information systems and data navigation! Learn to design and create your own digital network system that revolutionises the safety and efficiency of our train networks.

Communication and Sustainability Cadet

In this exciting opportunity, you will employ communications strategies to educate the public about environmental issues. Explore a career where you can make practical change on a local and global scale by designing a workplace sustainability initiative, developing a marketing strategy, planning its roll-out, and receiving feedback from a team of sustainability champions from Inland Rail.

Drone Pilot

Gain work experience with internationally renowned Cardno—the environmental and social development giant, dominating markets in more than 100 countries. Experience flight simulations and discover how drone surveying can build a more sustainable environment.

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