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6 cool and unexpected careers in digital

Experts say the jobs you'll be doing in 2030 haven't even been invented yet, so how do you prepare for your future? Whether you are book smart or better with your hands, embracing the digital evolution and developing your own soft skills are two of the best ways to future-proof yourself.

Here are some cool and expected careers in digital to keep on your radar, plus how to study or train for them.

1. Digital Engineer

The future of engineering is digital. From drawings to simulations and 3D models, as a Digital Engineer you need to master the art of creating, capturing and integrating digital data that reflects the real world. As a future Digital Engineer, you’ll need to keep up with the digital evolution, learn to code, develop soft skills in communication and client management, and learn to work as a team. If you’re curious about testing this career, our virtual work experience as a Junior Digital Engineer at Inland Rail gives you the chance to support the design of a cutting edge digital management system that revolutionises Australia’s train network. Get exclusive access to Inland Rail projects and develop your data processing, product designing and digital engineering skills.

2. Chief Experience Officer

Creating amazing customer experiences is the new marketing. A good customer experience makes someone FIVE times more likely to recommend the company to their friends and family, and more likely to purchase in the future. It’s why the greatest brands out there right now create memorable experiences for their customers. While you won’t be jumping into this executive level position as a graduate, it’s good to have #goals, right? Maybe you have been considering studying UX after high school and working as a UX Specialist would be stepping stone to this C-suite role. 

3. Aerial Surveyor

In the past the role of an Aerial Surveyor was done with planes, helicopters and balloons, but these days it’s all about drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). An Aerial Surveyor uses them for surveying, mapping, GIS and creating visualisations. Working in digital and tech doesn’t require a degree qualification and getting your drone certification could open the doors to emerging opportunities that don’t yet exist. This is just the beginning for drone technology! If you have an interest in drones, check out our Drone Pilot virtual work experience.

4. Web Analytics Manager

Data has never been more important. In a smart organisation, research should inform all campaigns, purchasing decisions and business moves. Day-to-day a Web Analyst is expected to create strategies to collect data, analyse information, conduct research and roll out product or service solutions. At the moment, the best way to enter this field is with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, statistics and computer science, plus work experience in data mining and analysis. While it sounds like pure numbers, a good Web Analyst is able to communicate the data and explain insights to different people in engineering, marketing and creative fields.

5. Virtual and Augmented Reality Developer

If you’re considering a career as a software engineer, take a look at AR and VR roles. Working in this field is about more than just creating 3D environments though. A career in VR and AR requires you to combine skills in software programming, 3D design skills, game development, video and sound production and UX/UI skills. There are stacks of digital agencies out there that specialise in creating immersive digital experiences and interactive apps for clients that range from government to galleries, making no two projects the same. 

6. Blockchain Engineer

Flashback a few years and this job didn’t exist, and right now there are still no formal degree programs. So how do you train for an emerging job in Blockchain? You have to be ready and eager for continual self-directed learning and have the right attitude. People working as Blockchain Engineers right now have backgrounds as a junior economist, an API developer, a data geek and auditor. You need good problem solving skills, be able to process information quickly and be agile.

Keen to kick-start your career in digital? Join our FREE Junior Digital Engineer virtual work experience to get real world experience and expert career guidance from industry mentors. If you think train systems are cool and are interested in understanding how data is analysed to create amazing designs, sign up for this four-week work experience now.

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